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Our HODL metal payment card collection

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The most flexible card in the world.

  • Spend 150+ currencies anywhere in the world
  • $15,000 Daily transaction limit
  • Daily international ATM withdrawals up to $1,500
  • Seamlessly spend digital currencies ( Bitcoin orange  Bitcoin Green LTC Etherium EOS USDC USDT BAT ) using your Club Swan card
  • Get a card in the currency of your choice: GBP, EUR, USD, JPY and CNY
  • International global shipping with DHL

More than just a payment card.

  • Travelling abroad? Order a card in the currency of your choice to avoid exchange fees
  • Exclusive metal cards
  • Daily card load limit $15,000
  • On ramp with proceeds from digital sales… OR
  • On ramp to your card from your bank account
  • 24/7 global support in multi-languages



“We have a great feeling about the Club Swan Card. Club Swan Cards are not designed for the “average Joes” out there. Rather, they are designed for members who need high limits.”

Richard Ramberg

Co-Founder & Operating Chairman
Dgtl Assets Group AB


“Usage and card fees are the best in the market. ClubSwan is a new service provider which has the widest country availability and rich referral rewards and features. Card delivery was super fast; 5 days after my KYC approved it was in the door of my residence address ~ and I live in South America.”

Seba Chenelik

IT & Computer Science Professional


“The last 2 years of using Club Swan taught me the capability to expand money utilization. You can convert your asset between traditional currencies such as US dollar and Euro, and also convert to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum whenever, wherever you want to. For instance, I can keep my asset as in Euro which is worth more than US dollar at the moment, and if I think Bitcoin worth would be higher, I would convert my Euro to Bitcoin almost instantly. The Club Swan flatform provides this flexibility and more.”

Paul Kim

Crypto Enthusiast, Las Vegas, NV

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