Club Swan’s HODL Collection
This is why you HODL!

Celebrate HODLing on a physical crypto payment card.
How the term HODL came into being is remarkably interesting. On December 18, 2013, GameKyuubi, a senior member on the Bitcointalk forum, wrote a post to express his frustration with traders causing high volatility in the Bitcoin market. In the post, he also explained why he preferred holding his bitcoins long-term. He stated that it gave him peace of mind in the volatile market created by day traders. As he encouraged others to adopt his investment strategy in the thread that followed the post, he inadvertently typed the word HODL instead of HOLD. Others on the forum used the misspelled word to tease him and make light of the entire conversation. Soon, however, the word HODL acquired a life of its own. It has come to stand for a popular strategy and philosophy in the crypto community. Today many proudly describe themselves as HODLers—They buy now and sell years later, if ever
Why HODLing is so popular?
At the center of HODLing is the deflationary nature of Bitcoin and many other crypto assets. The number of bitcoins that will ever be in circulation is capped at 21 million. Because of that, its price is anticipated to keep going up in the long term, especially with the growing adoption. Indeed, the price has increased from below $100 in 2013 to over $40,000 today. That means if GameKyuubi bought $100 worth of bitcoin in 2013 and HODLed to date, it would be valued at $40,000. Also, HODLing is one of the ways enthusiasts show their commitment to the crypto space. Holding on to the coins no matter what, means that any downward price changes are never realized.
The Club Swan HODL Collection
Club Swan is celebrating HODLing in a virtual and physical sense. Our HODL collection of metal cards takes a three-dimensional approach to symbolically celebrate the discipline of HODLing.



Those that identify themselves as true HODLers and take advantage of the HODL collection receive:

Virtual Validation (Sight)
Early adopters of the HODL collection will receive a commemorative NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and one of the two elegantly designed aluminum eighteen grams (18g) metal cards.

BitTech – Gold plated stamping of the Bitcoin logo with blue aluminum foil stamping. This card symbolizes technological innovation, and the moniker HODL BTC is a constant reminder to the HODLer that their discipline will pay off.

HODL – The name says it all. This aluminum card pays homage to Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin, and provides the HODLer with physical evidence of their discipline. The moon, the rocket, and, more importantly, the direction of the rocket signifies where the HODLer is going—to the moon.

Physical Validation (Touch)

The 18g weight of the cards alone makes a statement that few metal cards in the market can make.

The HODL card provides the card HODLer with a tactile simulation of what the moon would feel like. Meanwhile, those with BitTech can turn the wheel of holding, as the gear of technology turns, when times get tough to remind themselves to HODL.

Audio Validation (Sound)

To demonstrate the cultural impact of HODLing, cardholders can hear the bang, the clink, the ring, and the sounds of HODLing.

HODLers inclined to make a bold statement can do so by “putting their cards on the table” to let those around them hear how HODLing works.

Show Your Commitment to HODLing

Join Club Swan to demonstrate “Why You HODL” and let’s facilitate you enjoying the benefits of being a true HODLer. Quantities are limited by design, so it is important that you act fast.

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